Tips to drive engagement…

If you’re getting back into email marketing or looking for ways to get older subscribers in your database back on board then MarketingSherpa have a few suggestions:

  1. Test some incentives, use some offers such as vouchers or free gifts to re-engage your users. It’s easy to segment any list on activity using our management tools and then use our automatic split testing app to find the best incentive to use.
  2. Use a quick survey to check that your content is still relevant to the database, over time it is not unusual for your relationship with a subscriber to drift away as their needs change. You could also identify so active users via the management tools and invite them to take part in a more detailed survey so you can see what you’re doing that people like. Knowledge gathering online is inexpensive and a very wuick way of driving strategy, even better when tied in with an incentive – see above.
  3. Invite people to re-register, effectively state your offer again and outline your email communication strategy, reminding people of the benefits of subscribing. Tone of voice is very key here and if you can make people feel that they’ve found an old friend even better. Always good to reward those people who do re-register with something too.

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