Email v Social Networks

It’s easy to forget that email is used far more regularly than all the social networks . 79% of respondents use email as their primary mode of communication, only 10% use social networks. [Source: Epsilon International via Econsultancy Blog, June 2009]. Email has been around for some time now and is the cornerstone of most people’s relationship with their computer and the internet, social networks are the new kids on the block and have a lot of the novelty factor however it’s important to remember that sites like friendsunited and myspace are now on the wane in favour of facebook and twitter and so it will go on. But everyone still has at least one email address if not more.

Email marketing can have a measuarable impact on a company’s bottom line and brand and it’s still very difficult to quantify the affects of twitter in either case. It’s the tool of choice for all good marketers so if you’re not doing it [atall or well] you really should be.

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