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The Big Challenges for Email

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

According to Marketing Sherpa the big challenges for email marketing for next year are:

- Measuring ROI [still there after all this time!]
- Competing with social networking [or 'complementing' might be a better term]
- Relevance [this will never go away - ever]
- Driving subscription levels
- Managing databases
- Deliverability

Using a system like ours will certainly help with most of those, and talking us about your startegy and onling resources should tackle the rest.

Email marketing is hot, hot, hot!

Monday, September 21st, 2009

A recent survey by Emarketer lists the top priorities of US marketers as:

1. Customer acquisition
2. Customer retention
3. Thought leadership
4. Upselling
5. Building customer and prospect community and advocates

With the exception of the first one email marketing is unquestionably the number one method for fulfilling all of these goals, and to be honest you could make a pretty good case for email marketing being part of the mix for customer acquisition as well, especially if combined with pay per click. It’s no surporise that half of those marketers questioned said that they would increase the amount of email marketing they would be doing. Combined with search marketing and some social marketing techniques the trend is definitely for cost effective, high return marketing activity.