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The Big Challenges for Email

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

According to Marketing Sherpa the big challenges for email marketing for next year are:

- Measuring ROI [still there after all this time!]
- Competing with social networking [or 'complementing' might be a better term]
- Relevance [this will never go away - ever]
- Driving subscription levels
- Managing databases
- Deliverability

Using a system like ours will certainly help with most of those, and talking us about your startegy and onling resources should tackle the rest.

What you can measure you can improve

Monday, August 17th, 2009

How old is this adage, I heard it on my first day of work, well real work anyway, they didn’t mention it to me when I was sweeping the floor of the local post office in my summer holidays – funny that! And even now only around of 60% of marketers test their email campaigns [according to e-mail marketing agency eROI in their May–June 2009 survey] which is staggering. We live in an age where marketing is more measurable and responsive than ever before and yet still marketing dollars are being spent without any thought to optimising that spend, in this current economic climate that really is criminal. It is extremely simple to test subject lines, send times, call to action and design, especially when you use a managed system like ours, if you’re not already doing it please do get in touch!