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The Big Challenges for Email

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

According to Marketing Sherpa the big challenges for email marketing for next year are:

- Measuring ROI [still there after all this time!]
- Competing with social networking [or 'complementing' might be a better term]
- Relevance [this will never go away - ever]
- Driving subscription levels
- Managing databases
- Deliverability

Using a system like ours will certainly help with most of those, and talking us about your startegy and onling resources should tackle the rest.

Email marketing is hot, hot, hot!

Monday, September 21st, 2009

A recent survey by Emarketer lists the top priorities of US marketers as:

1. Customer acquisition
2. Customer retention
3. Thought leadership
4. Upselling
5. Building customer and prospect community and advocates

With the exception of the first one email marketing is unquestionably the number one method for fulfilling all of these goals, and to be honest you could make a pretty good case for email marketing being part of the mix for customer acquisition as well, especially if combined with pay per click. It’s no surporise that half of those marketers questioned said that they would increase the amount of email marketing they would be doing. Combined with search marketing and some social marketing techniques the trend is definitely for cost effective, high return marketing activity.

Inspiring interaction…

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Here’s some tips on getting more out of your regular emails:

1. Keep your database clean, you really only need to be communicating with people who are interested enough to open your emails, using email software like ours its easy to filter out the people who are not opening or reading your emails.
2. Provide multiple points for engagement, give readers every chance to find out more about your business, from links to latest news or company information to balance out the inevtibale links to offers and products.
3. Encourage social networking, linking email content to the main social networks is a great way to leverage the viral nature of online communities,  you can make it easy by adding links to your email communciations.
4. Use surveys and incentivise feedback, and most importantly be seen to act upon on it, share stories about customer’s views and opinions and show how it has affected your business.

Email v Social Networks

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

It’s easy to forget that email is used far more regularly than all the social networks . 79% of respondents use email as their primary mode of communication, only 10% use social networks. [Source: Epsilon International via Econsultancy Blog, June 2009]. Email has been around for some time now and is the cornerstone of most people’s relationship with their computer and the internet, social networks are the new kids on the block and have a lot of the novelty factor however it’s important to remember that sites like friendsunited and myspace are now on the wane in favour of facebook and twitter and so it will go on. But everyone still has at least one email address if not more.

Email marketing can have a measuarable impact on a company’s bottom line and brand and it’s still very difficult to quantify the affects of twitter in either case. It’s the tool of choice for all good marketers so if you’re not doing it [atall or well] you really should be.