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The Big Challenges for Email

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

According to Marketing Sherpa the big challenges for email marketing for next year are:

- Measuring ROI [still there after all this time!]
- Competing with social networking [or 'complementing' might be a better term]
- Relevance [this will never go away - ever]
- Driving subscription levels
- Managing databases
- Deliverability

Using a system like ours will certainly help with most of those, and talking us about your startegy and onling resources should tackle the rest.

The reasons people unsubscribe…

Monday, August 10th, 2009

The main reasons people give for unsubscribing are:

1. Irrelevant content [60% of people]
2. Received too frequently [60% of people]
3. Perception that they didn’t sign up or that their address has been ’sold’ [40% of people]
4. Privacy concerns [20% of people]

We always recommend that it’s made absolutely crystal clear why someone is receiving an email and give them the option to opt out up front, that’s best practice and email subscription is one place where best practice is essential. As soon as anyone thinks they’re being duped then you run the risk of increasing your unsubscribe rates.

Source: eMarketer Inc.

Bad HTML Can Reduce Your Emails Effectiveness

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

In recent years many email marketers have avoided HTML emails fearing deliverability issues and lower response rates. But HTML emails only create problems when they are coded or designed the wrong way. HTML problems can easily be avoided by using a system like ours which handles the coding for you. Once your template is set up by our developers it is tested and verified against stringent guidelines to make sure it is clean and suitable for sending. So there’s no excuse to not send great looking emails!