How can you benefit from Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the big three marketing priorities in business. Along with Search and Conversion, Email Marketing forms the platform for all sales and marketing strategies that drive today's digital economy. It must be taken very seriously indeed as it is one the most important influencers on your online reputation.

10 Killer Tactics thumbSearch drives traffic to your web site, Conversion turns traffic into prospects, Email Marketing enables you to engage those prospects with your brand, your products, your services and your business. At Lavender Dog we believe in a totally integrated approach to marketing which ensures that web sites work in the most effective ways saving you time, making you money and delivering real results. Download our client briefing on the "10 Killer Tactics for Email Marketing" in the current economy.

Email marketing is an art and requires a very light touch to ensure that any investment made pays itself back. It's extremely easy to do email marketing badly, the user's inbox is a very fragile ecosystem. It's vital to consider the end user in all aspects of the email process, which means crafting the design, tone of voice of content and subject line as well as considering the frequency of sending, timing and call to action.

email marketing reportAs you get more involved in email marketing you also need to consider how you treat people who've recently joined your list as well as those who have been on your database for some time. The nuances of running a successful email marketing strategy are many and varied and require smart thinking at the top of your organisation and some detailed procedures to support it and enable effective implementation.

As well as being able to define these strategies from scratch we can also audit existing strategies and support you at any level. From e-commerce emails to regular e-newsletters we can plan, define and implement the right approach for your business.

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